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Services we offer

Tooth diagram iconTooth with two sections highlighted and pointed to with pins

Restorative Dentistry

Looking to fill in those unsightly spaces between your teeth? Replace those missing teeth? Improve that improper bite? If your answer is yes, then Dr. Lee’s restorative dentistry is for you. Through modern dental techniques, we can restore any mouth into a beautiful smile!

Tooth in hands iconOutstretched palm up hands holding a tooth

Family Dentistry

Dr. Lee and her staff can accommodate all family members starting at age 3. As a family friendly dentist, Dr. Lee makes sure that every patient feels welcome and comfortable during their visit. If you and your family are in need of professional dental services, we can help!

Dental implant icon Simplified dental crown affixed to a dental implant screw

Dental Implants

At Tammy D. Lee, DDS, we specialize in several tooth replacement options to prevent these secondary problems and get your smile back on track. Dental implants have truly revolutionized the way we correct the function and aesthetics of a missing tooth.

Healthy tooth icon A shiny tooth layered over an abstract heart shape

Cosmetic Dentistry

A bright smile can boost confidence and increase self-esteem. Tammy Lee and her skilled cosmetic staff can restore, fill, and brighten your teeth. We provide porcelain veneers and crowns to help perfect your smile by covering stains, correcting tooth chips, and misalignment.

Tammy D. Lee, DDS at Tammy D. Lee, DDS in Greensboro, NC

Meet Tammy D. Lee, DDS

Dr. Tammy Lee has practiced dentistry in Greensboro since 1989. She is a graduate of UNC School of Dentistry. She received her undergraduate degrees from Peace College and East Carolina University. Her childhood was spent on a farm in eastern North Carolina.

Dr. Lee is a member of the ADA, Guilford County Dental Society and the High Point Study Club. Her family attends Cornerstone Baptist Church. She enjoys reading, life on Badin Lake, cooking, exercising and time with her Boston Terrier, Chrissy Bell.

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Patient Reviews

"Every time I come here they always remember me by name and greet me as soon as I walk in the door, even if it’s been months since my last appointment. They are so thoughtful and amazingly sweet, I just love this place. They have some of the best customer service I have ever seen."

- Larry I.

"I have been a patient for about 10 years and I have always been pleased with each of my visits. From cleanings to a crown I have felt as close to home in their office as you could imagine. My wife and I recommend Dr. Lee to all new families coming into our area that we meet. The entire staff takes time to know us and to keep up to date with our family. Believe it or not going to the dentist can be fun! "

- Charles.

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